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celebrating diversity at sjys

report by the multicultural action plan committee

‘Diversity is a fact; inclusion is an action’.

This is the ethos that guides all activities outlined in the SJYS Multicultural Action Plan (MAP). This year we are proud to report we have made significant progress in each focus area: Promoting Inclusion and Equity, Growing Cultural Capability, Fostering Participation and Community Engagement as well as Active Leadership.

SJYS hosted a successful Harmony Day event at in March, with people attending from across SJYS services, Believe Housing, schools, multicultural organizations, South Australian Multicultural Commission and the SA Housing Authority. The range of Harmony Day activities included a dot painting workshop by Marra Dreaming, Filipino cooking demonstration, Tamil dance performance, Brazilian dancing, and musical performances from Italian virtuoso, Lou Pisaniello, and by David Wei-Han Dai from the School of Chinese Music and Art.

In recognition for her leadership in developing the Multicultural Action Plan and for her work to promote diversity and inclusive practice across St John’s Youth Services, youth110 Team Leader, Louisa Au, was named as a finalist in the 2021 Governor’s Multicultural Awards. CEO, Nicole and youth110 manager, Ryan, were invited to participate in the ceremony, and welcomed the opportunity to congratulate Louisa for the enormous contribution she has made to SJYS and wider community.

Another highlight was a successful multicultural training session delivered to all staff by SJYS multicultural employees. Our multicultural employees continue to be our greatest teachers, generously sharing their cultural insights and community knowledge to foster better working relationships within the SJYS team as well as with young people.

As the SJYS team continues to engage with opportunities to develop and deepen our collective cultural knowledge and understanding, we look forward to celebrating even greater harmony and inclusion across the organisation.

Louisa (middle) with Ryan & Nicole at the 2021 Governor's Multicultural Awards