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Keeping my Place

While Keeping my Place (KMP) has previously been focused on meeting the needs of young people at risk of losing their tenancy, in the past year we have expanded the program’s focus to provide a service tailored to the needs of property managers. We’ve created a win-win for landlords and renters – young people will receive the support they need to remain in their homes, while property managers and landlords will have peace of mind knowing they are housing reliable tenants backed by the KMP support team.

Keeping my Place for Property Managers

Keeping my Place supports young renters to be great tenants who pay their rent on time and take outstanding care of their home.

How Keeping my Place supports young tenants

Some young renters struggle to stay on top of their tenancy responsibilities and lack the knowledge or experience to resolve issues on their own. With the help of a Keeping my Place Tenancy Adviser, these young renters receive the support, skills and resources they need to be reliable tenants who landlords want renting their properties. Support is tailored to each young person’s individual needs and challenges, and can include a range of activities such as managing rental arrears, communicating more effectively with their Property Manager, and learning how to take good care of their property.

If a young person is dealing with challenging life issues that make it difficult for them to manage their tenancy, Keeping my Place can help with those too. KMP Tenancy Advisers are all qualified and experienced social workers, and between them have decades of experience assisting young people move out of housing crisis and into a stable home.

That’s great for young people who are able to stay in a stable home, and for property owners who can be confident their investment is protected.